Tips: Face More Rain

Tips: Face More Rain Tips: Face More Rain

Tips: Face More Rain

Watch too much TV is only misleading, that says a lot of people. Well … lately, many TV shows are very shallow and even not infrequently it is a public deception. Advertising is a form of promotion as attractive consumers to make the production as something that must not just take.

One of the ads that dominate the screen is the face-whitening products, even products that used to determine the target market is women are now more widespread, not infrequently men also wear products with the lure of the face look more white. If the first, only the women’s commercials so now not a few men also play a role. As if whites become absolutely owned by everyone.

Ironically, facial whitening products are marketed is a lot of overseas production that makes people of Indonesia who take a strange, pale skin look even thinner. White on white and white is produced in Europe, Japan or China. Consumers such as forgetting his nature as an Indonesian who dominated fair-complexioned or dark brown. (Unless they are “Indo”)

Basically the face never really looked dark, but dull, perhaps it is more appropriate word. This is caused due to dead skin cells accumulate on the surface is still rare in the wash. Even if too long, dead skin cells will be entered into the pores and cause acne.

The tips below can help I hope the face becomes brighter (not white) without having to spend too much money.

Every night before bed, apply honey on your face while on the massage (massage) for approximately 5 minutes. The content of honey can make the face become smoother and firmer. Then wash with warm water to open pores more. Continue applying a tomato or lemon juice on the face. Vitamin C content of the juice can be made up of dead skin cells and accelerate skin rejuvenation. Rinse with cold water until clean. Perform routine, every night before bed and felt his face getting tighter, smoother and naturally more vibrant.

Face dull also caused due to lack of sleep and the influence of stress. So with regular sleep and guard against frequent stess also helps to keep the face look brighter. Good luck!


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