Heartburn sign of Gall Bladder Inflammation

Heartburn sign of Gall Bladder InflammationHeartburn sign of Gall Bladder Inflammation – Pain in the pit of the stomach is a common problem in society. But if you often experience pain in the gut should be careful, because it could be a sign of gallbladder inflammation.

Abdominal pain in the gut does not always come from the stomach or heartburn, because it can also come from other parts of the body such as the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, intestine 12 fingers can even relate to a heart attack.

Existing data suggests about 20 percent of patients with symptoms of heartburn or abdominal pain is caused by a disturbance in either the gallbladder due to stones or inflammation itself. And about 80 per cent aged over 40 years and no one under 30 years old.

To find out the cause of the pain heartburn, abdominal ultrasound should be done so they can know whether there is either acute or chronic inflammation in the bladder. And can also identify the presence of gallbladder stones.

Heartburn pain due to gall bladder due to inflammation of the gallbladder, which took place either acute or chronic. But pain can also occur due to gallbladder stones. If further analysis, this stone is composed of cholesterol stones and pigment stones.

Pain arising from gall bladder problems take a few moments and repeat (biliary colic), usually the pain may spread to the lower back.

Inflammation of the gall bladder (kholesistitis) that lasted all of a sudden or acute, can be mild to severe. In the harsh conditions, the infection could have on the body other than the gall bladder such as the pancreas. If the infection is widespread and systemic it can be life threatening.

Patients with acute gallbladder inflammation need to be treated in the hospital and get antibiotics systemically. If the condition is mild and gallstones do not cause complaints at all, usually do not need an operation.

Treatment of gallbladder stones and a single small (less than 1.5 cm diameter) simply by diet and drugs that work dissolves cholesterol stones such as ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). These drugs are usually given for 3 months.

But if the gall bladder stone problem is there in it with a large size so it should be removed gall bladder (cholecystectomy). Currently most hospitals have applied laparoscopic techniques, so that complications after surgery to be minimal.

Why people can be affected by gallstones?

Generally, women who got more than men. The higher the age the risk of gallbladder stones is higher, especially if aged over 40 years.

Another risk of gallbladder stones, among others, obesity, diabetes mellitus, sudden weight loss, patients with metabolic syndrome such as HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is low, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, family history of bladder bile, high-fat diet, high cholesterol and low in fiber.

In addition patients who had gall bladder surgery still have to maintain food intake, because it could be formed of sand and stones in the bile tract despite the gallbladder itself is removed.


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