Bad memories in the Past Could Be Source of Disease

Bad memories in the Past Could Be Source of DiseaseEveryone will have bad memories of the past, but should not have mourned. Sometimes it’s not easy to forget, but if too thought out the consequences of the body to be more easily attacked by diseases.

A study at the University of Granada found that the attitude of people when thinking about the past can affect physical health. The more negative memories, then the perception of life and health status also tend to be worse.

If his past memories is dominated by anger, sadness and other negative things, the ability to undergo daily work will decrease included in health care. Likewise, perception of pain, usually become more sensitive to pain.

“When bad people are always thinking about the past, then people tend to be pessimistic that his life in the present and the guy had a worse quality of life,” said Cristian Oyanadel who conducted the study.

Oyanadel that conclusion after studying 50 people who participated, comprising 25 men and 25 women. From interviews, the memory of that dominate the minds of the participants were divided into 3 groups based on the time zone division of past, present and future.

Participants are dominated by thoughts and memories of the past showed the worst quality of life, especially if the memories of the bad memories. In addition to easy to get sick, the ability to perform everyday tasks are also worse.

The same trend was also observed in participants who were too focused on thinking about the future. Although the effect on participants who often bemoan the past tended to be worse, but the quality of life in this group are no better.

According Oyanade, the best quality of life held by participants who can balance the mind of the three time zones. In addition to focusing on the present, participants tend to be healthier if you can balance the positive thoughts about the past and future.


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