How To Protect A Foot From Injury Caused By Footwear

how to protect a foot injury caused by footwear:The use of good footwear sandals and shoes at this time no longer a need to protect the feet but also follow the trend.

Unfortunately, being too busy attention of fashion, comfort and health affairs to be number two. As a result, often supposed to be the footwear gaiters instead turned to be a sore foot, injuries and other diseases due to use of improper footwear.

Here’s how to protect a foot from injury caused by footwear :

1. Do not wear high heels for too long

A study in 2010 found that wearing high-heeled shoes more than 2 inches in yanga long term, can cause the risk of joint degeneration and osteoarthritis of the knee.

A new study also found that high heels are the main cause of ingrown toenails in, which can cause infections and permanent damage to the nail.

Stop wearing high heels may be impossible for a woman. But to maintain your health, you should reduce the use of high heels like only use it at a party or a particular event.

2. Do not wear flip flops everywhere

Wearing flip-flops are practical but often cause slip and protect feet from hot sun.

“Flip-flops make the thumb and index finger friction feet that sometimes cause blisters. Not to mention the flip-flops can make your toes to death, injury, and ankle can be sprained,” said Summers, a podiatrist based shoe design in California.

Limit the use of flip-flops to wear it only when the beach or in the pool.

3. Use of sports shoes when exercising

“Sports shoes are designed to accommodate the necessary action when exercising,” says Brummer.

Use of athletic shoes should also be tailored to what type of exercise performed. The sport of soccer as an example, has a special shoe that is different from other sports shoes.

4. Do not wear shoes that have worn

Shoes that are used daily, perhaps it is still comfortable to use. But a well-worn shoes will lose its function. For example, running shoes can last only about 300 to 500 miles before it causes problems in athletes.

5. Do not use socks that make your feet sweat easily

The feet are always sweating will cause a yeast infection. Wash your socks and shoes regularly. Replace your socks every day.

6. Measure the back of your foot size before buying new shoes

“The size of a person’s foot may change due to weight gain, hormonal activity, circulatory disorders and aging,” says Brummer.


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