Benefits of Cucumber Fruit

Benefits of Cucumber FruitBenefits of Cucumber Fruit – Since hundreds of years ago, cucumbers believed to be useful for skin health, what’s the secret? It turns out that behind the freshness of the fruit contains a lot of water is stored vitamin C and acid kafeat that help relieve skin irritations and reduce fluid buildup under the skin. This is why a cucumber is often used to compress the tired and puffy eyes, treating dry skin, sunburn, acne, exsim, and itching from insect bites. Cucumbers are also popular as a friend of a woman because of its value as a natural cosmetic for beautifying the skin. Cucumber slices are often used as a face mask to refresh and smooth the skin, eliminating black spots, and reduce excess oil on the face. Therefore many salons, both conventional and Muslim salon using cucumber as the material for treatment at his salon.

Mineral water and potassium content of cucumber also play a role in removing excess uric acid and metabolic waste through the kidneys. Excessive uric acid in the blood will form crystals that accumulate in the joints and cause arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore if you suffer from arthritis or kidney stones, eat cucumber.

Benefit of cucumber seeds
Skin and seed the cucumber should not be discarded as nutritious.
Cucumber skin is rich in fiber, vitamin A, minerals, silica, potassium and silica Magnesium.Mineral act to maintain healthy connective tissues (muscles, joints and bones). Also contains folic acid are useful to prevent brain damage in babies at birth. Because it consumes the following cucumber skin is very good for pregnant women. But, careful with cucumbers are coated with wax. Should be washed under running water to remove the wax. If you want to eat the cucumber without peeling the skin, you should choose organic.

Cucumber seeds contain Vitamin E to slow aging and remove wrinkles.
Besides worms cucumber seeds also contain alkaloids that hypoxanthine is used to treat, especially in children.


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