Eat Fried Food Cause Ulcer

eat fried foot cause ulcerEat Fried Food Cause Ulcer – Snacked on fried food was delicious, especially at leisure. But beware if you eat too much can disrupt your digestive.

Foods that are cooked by frying in oil with very high temperatures can cause indigestion. Heartburn is one of the immediate effects can be felt if the amount you eat too much fried food. In addition to heartburn, digestive disorders are left without treatment can lead to the emergence of other diseases.

Here are some stomach problems caused by fried foods :


Oil fried foods at high temperatures cause many problems, one of them heartburn.
Frequent consumption of fried snacks cause a burning sensation in the lower chest. It also causes discomfort, such as nausea, chest and abdomen. This is known as heartburn.

If you are having bowel problems, then you are experiencing symptoms of reflux can be very serious. The best way to avoid this problem by reducing the intake of fried foods and eat foods that baked, boiled, or steamed.


Inflammation of the lining of the stomach causing gastroenteritis. Symptoms of this disorder include gastrointestinal disturbances, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, bloating, loss of appetite, and burping. Your stomach full of gas when you eat fried foods excessively and tend to feel full. You can not prevent the problem, but reduced by avoiding junk food.

Gastritis (ulcers)

Fried foods can cause acidity in the stomach and become sore. To avoid this, limit your intake of fried foods because of the healing takes time.


Stomach discomfort after eating fried foods or foods that are fried in oil in large numbers because the food is becoming more difficult to digest.

This problem occurs because fatty foods are very acidic and heavy on the stomach. You can solve it by limiting the amount of fried food and eat slowly.

Choose a baked

Consuming too much fried food can cause gastritis. To reduce such discomfort, you can reduce the consumption of fried foods. Instead, replace it with baked goods, baked or boiled foods.

If the pain still persists, you may consult with a physician to diagnose problems and prescribe a suitable diet.
Replace your fried foods with vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, boiled peanuts, wheat, and yogurt.


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