How To Fight Back Pain Due Most Sit

How To Fight Back Pain Due Most SitHow To Fight Back Pain Due Most Sit – Every day I sat in the office all the time often leaves a disturbing side effects holiday, the emergence of back pain complaints. Before the pain was coming, the risks can be countered with the following steps.

“One of the most negative effect is sit back bend forward so that his muscles start to work with inefficient and vulnerable to injury,” kara Prof Donald R Murphy, a bone from the Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Some ways you can do to prevent it as delivered by Prof. Murphy is as follows.

1. Choose a comfortable seat

Comfortable seating or ergonomics should be able to sustain the framework of the body in the most natural position so that no overload at one point. In detail, the concept of ergonomics can be quite varied but in essence must meet the following requirements.

a. Make sure the spine can be curved by natural and proportionate to the front, not too leaned back

b. Adjust the armrest to the position of the arms form an angle of 90 degrees which is the most ideal

c. Feet should tread the floor, his back pressed to the back of the seat slightly and the shoulder should always be relaxed

2. Stretch every 30 minutes

If you are sitting in a very long time, stretch every 30-60 minutes to reduce the risk of back pain. Stretching motions could mimic the movements of gymnastics, or if embarrassed enough standing and walking around the office then the back muscles are slightly stretched.

If possible, sometimes down to the floor and then take the yoga position called “the cobra”. This position begins with the stomach, then hand pressed to the floor so that the shoulders and head held high, but the stomach and hips remain flat on the floor.

3. Loosen the muscles on a regular basis

Health experts recommend that on the sidelines of the type, once the hand should be rested by transferring them from the keyboard into the lap for a few seconds. If even then did not get too busy, occasionally lifting the shoulders and then lower it again and repeat several times.

4. Strengthen core or core body

Aerobics is the most effective way to counter the risk of back pain from too much sitting, because this exercise involves a lot of core muscles or parts of the body’s core. Core or posture may be called to be strong so that your back pain is not easy, because it helps prop up the backbone of weight.


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