Food & Beverages Healthy Skin

Food & Beverages For Healthy Skin


Food & Beverages Healthy Skin – Skin require vitamin rich foods to avoid damage. If improving nutrition and reducing junk food, then you can obtain healthy skin.

Therefore, you need to watch your diet. Then, as if the food is good for the skin? The following leak as reported by BoldSky.

green tea

Green tea is an ideal drink to prevent skin diseases. Antioxidants contained in green tea is protective of cell membranes. Green tea so beneficial to reduce the inflammation of the skin and protects skin from ultraviolet rays in order to avoid the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the food is good for the skin is rich in vitamin C, K and D. These vitamins contain a lot of polyphenols that can ward off cancer radical.


Salmon is good food for skin because it is rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids which contain Omega-3 can maintain healthy cell membranes. In addition, salmon are rich in potassium, protein, and selenium that can overcome the lack of vitamins.


Blueberries as an excellent antioxidant for skin. Blueberries can prevent cell damage. In addition, blueberries can make your skin youthful.

Food & Beverages for Healthy Skin



Carrots are highly nutritious food. Vitamin A in carrots is important for skin health because it can reduce skin dryness. Skin problems can be overcome with a high intake of fiber, potassium, and thiamine found in carrots.


Water helps rejuvenate the skin, making skin youthful and more radiant.


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