Sharpening Your Memory Power

Sharpening  Your Memory PowerSharpening Your Memory Power – At the old age, one’s memory in the short term will decrease. However, it can be overcome with a simple trick.

You may forget a place to put things, appointments, and something unusual is easy to remember. If you’re worried become senile, there are some exercises and techniques that help short-term memory.

Here are simple things you can apply in order to sharpen the memory power :

1- When you read a book or magazine article, summarize the plot or the point in it for a friend. State the name, place and date.

2- When shopping, try to take as many items as possible without looking at your shopping list.
3- If there are some things to do, try to remember “mnemonics”. For example, tasks such as ironing, phone, and typing the letter can be shortened to a word. Take one or two letters of each task, and form into a word, such as irons / phone / typing that can aid memory.

4- If you entered the room and forget why, go back into place and not to leave until given a reason to go into the room.

5- If you lose something, find the process of elimination. Write down six last thing you do before you lose it and place during the move. If necessary, create a table with things made of paper in one hand and where you are on the lower side. Missing items in the box. Examine one by one and you’ll find it.


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