Causes Of Tingling On Right Hand

causes of  Tingling on Right HandCauses Of Tingling On Right HandDo you frequently feel tingling in your hands? When is a particular part of the right arm, then there might be pinching a nerve in the neck. But if that is your hand, then the possibility of pinching a nerve in the wrist.

Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can occur in any body part, but most often felt in the hands, feet, arms, or legs.

Tingling occurs because blood flow is not smooth or weak nerves (neuropathy). Should consult with a physician or an expert in neurological diseases.

The most frequently felt tingling in hands, feet, arms or legs. The Causes Of Tingling On Right Hand:

1. Sitting or standing for long periods.
2. Lack of blood flow to certain areas. For example, plaque buildup from atherosclerosis in the legs can cause pain, numbness, and tingling while walking.
3. Pressure on the spinal cord.
4. Certain medical conditions, including diabetes, underactive thyroid, multiple sclerosis, seizures, migraine or regular headaches.
5. Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in the body.
6. Vitamin B-12 deficiency.


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