The benefits and efficacy of Persimmon Fruit

The benefits and efficacy of Persimmon FruitThe benefits and efficacy of Persimmon Fruit Persimmon is the name of a type of fruit from the genus Diospyros. This plant is also known as the fruit of the foot, or in English named Oriental (Chinese / Japanese) persimmon. Scientific name is Diospyros feet. (‘Legs’, the Japanese language, is the name of the substance produced fruit tannins).

Persimmon trees are small to medium, 15 m or less, dioesis (dioecious, married two) and sometimes monoesis, trunked short and twisted, a lot of branches, leaves and abort.

Leaves in two rows, arranged alternate, short-stemmed lk. 3 cm, round, round to oblong eggs, 2.5 to 15 Ă— 5-25 cm, yellow-green sheen.

Male flowers in short panicles containing 3-5 florets, female flowers solitary, on axillary leaves. Buni-shaped fruit flattened and rounded quadrangular, yellowish green to red, the leaf sheath that is not fall out. Persimmon now difficult to find or endangered

A ripe persimmon orange color between red and yellow to between 2-8 cm in diameter. This fruit can be eaten in a fresh condition after smeared with lime water and brooded. Fruit can also be dried or processed into jam, jelly, ice cream and others. Fresh persimmon fruit contains 19.6% carbohydrates, mainly fructose and glucose, 0.7% protein, vitamin A and potassium.

Young persimmon fruit that contains a substance called tannin tannin-foot. These substances will be reduced along with the cooking fruit. Tannin-foot used to preserve a variety of crafts, help-rice wine production in Japan, as well as material from hypertension treatment.

The origins and spread of
Persimmon comes from the People’s Republic of China, which later spread to Japan in ancient times and developed breeding there. Later this fruit spread to other parts of Asia, and in the colonial period in the 1800s brought to southern Europe and the USA (California).

The fruit is quite important in Chinese and Japanese traditions, so that a high commercial value in there. Now the commercialization of the production of persimmon has spread and expanded to New Zealand, Australia and Israel. Exports of Israel is named as Sharon fruit.

In Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the production of persimmon are generally only sufficient for local consumption. North Sumatra, particularly Brastagi region, in the past been regularly sent to Singapore persimmon; but is now stalled because the quality is driven by persimmon products to other countries. Other places in Indonesia that produce them are persimmon West Java and East Java, where the fruit is grown in areas high in the mountains.

Properties Of Fruit :
-Keep your body slim
-Antioxidants that can prevent heart disease
-Reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body
-Hypertension, asthma, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery


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