Attacking Stroke in Young Age

Attacking Stroke in Young AgeAttacking Stroke in Young Age – A stroke is closely related to the elderly is now threatening the younger generation. Recognize the symptoms early so that you avoid the threat.

Stroke is not only attacking the old age but tends to attack younger generation who are still in their productive age. Stroke is also no longer attack a city full of people full of activity but also experienced by rural residents who live within the limitations and shortcomings.

Stroke occurs due to disruption of ‘cerebro vascular’ due to impaired blood flow to the brain. It was caused by the occlusion or rupture of blood vessels that lead to loss of neurological function. Stroke itself is divided into two types, blockage and stroke bleeding stroke.

Signs and symptoms of stroke, he continued characterized by four things namely impaired consciousness, movement disorders or motor, sensibility or sensory disturbance, and autonomic dysfunction.

We should know early on, when suddenly dropped without any apparent reason while sitting could be that the blood vessels that flow to the brain is not smooth. Consult a physician to determine the cause. Brain cells that have been blooded smoothly.

Risk factors for stroke can be experienced by people with hypertension, diabetes, and stress. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking (both active and passive), often taking drugs such as drugs, alcohol consumption, rarely exercise, also could have a stroke.

Stress actually causes young children who are still productive stroke. No wonder many people now trying to prevent stroke or reduce risk factors by implementing a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, avoiding stress is to take medication or supplements to maintain healthy blood vessels.

Stroke clear impact on decreasing the level of productivity and can lead to social and economic disruption due to the large family of post-stroke treatment costs.

Healthy life without stroke is the desire for everyone. For that to know as early as possible about stroke and a healthy lifestyle is not negotiable.


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