Sleepiness expel Rise and Shine Today

Sleepiness expel Rise and Shine TodaySleepiness expel Rise and Shine Today – Many people can not really wake up if you do not drink coffee, but the effect is less good if it’s too much. There are many ways besides drinking coffee to make the body awake.

So that the heart is pounding because they have to drink coffee every day just so I can quickly get up, here are some alternatives that can be done when you wake up in the morning.

1. Open the window

The first thing to be done so quickly awake when I wake up is to turn the room lights, or open the window blinds when directly confronted with the direction of the sun. The human biological clock is influenced by light, so hard to lose sleep if the room is still dark.

2. Drinking water or green tea

In theory, the body will be fitter when the loss of body fluids that occurs during sleep immediately replaced at least with a glass of water when you wake up. Several studies using green tea as effective as water in restoring hydration status, while providing a calming effect.

3. Obey the rules 10 minutes

The most critical period began the day is 10 minutes from the first waking from sleep. If unable to resist the desire to go back to sleep within 10 minutes, general drowsiness and will soon feel like getting away on its own.

4. Do a physical activity

Some people can just wake up when I read the morning paper. But if you continue to feel lazy and sleepy, trying to do activities that are more physically active or direct cooking eg making the bed.

5. Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can make a system out of balance your metabolism, so that the body runs out of energy. The consequences of lack of energy is the body felt weak, lacking passion and of course the easy sleepy.

6. Adhere to the sleep schedule

Long-term solution for those who often feel sleepy and lazy to wake up soon is the disciplined pattern of sleep every day. Allowing myself to make up for the lack of sleep in a bed all day on weekends will only exacerbate sleep disturbances.

7. Tighten the music
Play loud music can have the same effect as drinking coffee, which repel drowsiness. Even some types again with a stomping rhythm can make the body feel more excited than when only a cup of coffee.


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