Benefits of Daun Dewa

Daun Dewa benefitsBenefits of Daun DewaBenefits of plant leaves God’s unusual to treat a variety – variety of diseases, among others:

1. Treating breast cancer in women
2. As a cancer preventive drug
3. Help shed urine
4. Treating swelling caused by injury blow
5. Treating non-current menstrual
6. Melt clots – swelling caused by blood clots
7. Blood circulation
8. Stop bleeding in nosebleeds, coughing up blood, vomit and blood
9. Treating burns
10. Inhibiting tumor growth
11. Help lower cholesterol
12. Help cure TB disease
13. Inhibit the growth of cysts on a woman’s uterus
14. Treat bleeding after childbirth
15. Treating a broken bone
16. Bitten by venomous animals
17. Treat diabetes mellitus, and hypertension
18. Treating swelling in the breast
19. Treating Rheumatic (joint)
20. Treating kidney stone disease, sinusitis, cough, sore throat etc.


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