10 Things to Know Mandatory Problem of Brain Cancer

10 Things to Know Mandatory Problem of Brain Cancer10 Things to Know Mandatory Problem of Brain Cancer – Brain cancer is one type of cancer is quite difficult to overcome. Many important things are very good to know about this cancer.

Brain cancer occurs when a mass of tissue known as cancer or brain tumors, interfere with brain function.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), although there are rare brain cancer, the disease develops about 22,000 new cases each year with an estimated 13,000 cases of death. Thus, understanding the facts about this disease is important.

Neurosurgeon from Rockland Hospital, New Delhi, India, Dr. Rakesh K Dua, Ms. KIA, presented 10 facts about brain cancer, as reported by the Times of India:

1. Types of brain cancer most commonly encountered are secondary brain cancer, the cancer that originates in other parts of the body that has reached the brain.

Brain cancer is the second most common Gliobalastoma, which is a primary brain cancer.

2. The survival rate for primary brain cancer (Gliobalastoma) is usually 10 to 12 months in all treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

The survival rate for secondary brain cancer vary, depending on the status and type of primer is usually six to 12 months.

3. Common symptoms of brain cancer is increasing headaches, seizures, focal neurologic deficits such as weakness of an arm or leg, trouble speaking, difficulty walking, impaired vision, behavioral changes, and others.

4. Treatment options depend on the type of cancer. For primary brain cancer, surgery is the first choice of treatment followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

For secondary brain cancer, is surgery performed radiotherapy to chemotherapy. The Gamma knife surgery, ‘knife’ surgery that uses a light-? to cut or destroy tissue, is an option, depending on the size and number of tumors.

5. Brain tumors can also occur in children under 20 years old. Tumor that often occurs in children aged five to 10 years usually cancer.

6. Exposure to radiation is one of the main causes of brain cancer.

7. Not all brain tumors are cancerous.

8. Family history also plays a dominant role in brain cancer.

9. Headache is one of the most common symptom, but the most important is a progressive increase in intensity and frequency of headaches. Morning headaches are one of the typical symptoms.

10. If the primary brain cancer, the organ donor is not a problem, but on secondary brain cancer patients may not be a candidate to donate donor.


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