Five Foods Fighting Migraine

Five Foods Fighting MigraineFive Foods Fighting Migraine – If you have a migraine, do not consume drugs. There are natural ways to deal with migraines which may be available in your kitchen or refrigerator.

Migraine is a type of headache is very painful. In order for migraines away and not lose productivity, there are some foods that can went.

Here are foods that can fight and cause migraines:


When the levels of magnesium in the body decreases, the body suffers migraines and muscle tension. Riboflavin-rich foods such as broccoli can help you back into balance and make you happy and healthy.


Vitamin B in the yogurt is essential for cell growth and division of the body. Yogurt also contains riboflavin, which can increase your energy reserves and keep your head pain-free.


Eggs are rich in protein that helps regulate blood glucose levels and gives you energy to keep working all day without causing a headache.

Low-fat milk

Drinking low-fat milk is good for people who are prone to headaches. The content of calcium in milk helps blood vessels to dilate and work, thereby affecting the transmission of nerve impulses. If blood flow is interrupted, the head would throb violently.


If you tend to migrants before menstruation, you may be deficient in magnesium. Eat a lot.


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