Diseases Caused by Tattoos

Diseases Caused by TattoosDiseases Caused by Tattoos – The most feared risk when tattooing or tattooing the body is the transmission of infectious diseases. Various diseases spread by contact of body fluids, can also be transmitted through non-sterile tattoo needles and shared.

In principle, all infectious diseases can be transmitted through blood through non-sterile tattoo needles.

Infectious diseases through blood:

1. HIV infection (Human Imunnodeficiency Virus)

HIV is a virus that spreads through contact of body fluids, including blood on the tattoo needle used.

A person infected with HIV and not treated properly will have lower resistance, and then develop into AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

2. Hepatitis B

In addition to blood, Hepatitis B virus is also transmitted through body fluids such as semen and genital mucous. Hepatitis B can also be transmitted from mother to baby.

3. Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus transmission is greatest through the use of needles alternately among drug addicts. Use of unsterilized tattoo needle is also a risk of spreading disease.

To prevent transmission, the only way you can do is to do a sterilization tattoo equipment.

The tools are in direct contact with blood should always be replaced, for example, the needle should only be used once and then must be discarded.

Residual ink remaining in the cartridge should also not be used for tattooing others.

Before being used again by someone else, all the tattoo equipment including cartridge of residual ink must be emptied and washed with alcohol or the like.


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