Recent developments Breast Needs to Know

Recent developments Breast Needs to KnowRecent developments Breast Needs to KnowThe breast is one of the assets owned by women, but unfortunately there are some problems that can arise in the breast. For that there are some things you should know about the condition of healthy breasts.

Although it can enhance sexual pleasure, but there are many things that can make women feel anxious about the condition of her breasts, from a lump to feel a strange pain.

Here are some things you should know about the healthy breast conditions, namely:
1. Breast pain

Almost all of the pain is usually caused by hormonal changes and usually worse at the age of 40 years since the process started perimenopause.

If there is pain in one spot most likely due to muscle tension. If breastfeeding is likely experiencing mastitis is an infection that occurs when a channel is blocked.

Usually the pain is not associated with breast cancer, but can be overcome by the use of certain drugs, improving posture or the consumption of vitamin B6 and E. But if a lump is found you should consult a physician.

2. Discharge from the nipple

Normally there is little discharge from the nipple when it is pressed, there was only a normal protein and fluids that live in the channel. This channel was made to bring the milk, so that the liquid that comes out once in a while is not surprising.

If the pre-menopausal hormonal fluctuations that increase levels of prolactin (a hormone that tells the breasts to make milk), this condition led to the emergence of a liquid.

Should not continue because it means squeezing the nipple to stimulate the brain to send messages to continue to make a prolactin-producing liquid.

If the nipple discharge milky white, yellow, green or bloody fluid from the viscous to a sticky consistency, you should consult with your doctor, especially if the fluid comes out without squeezing.

About 80 percent of the cause is intraductal papilloma (non-cancerous growth on the channel). Treatment the channel is checked and removed surgically and examined whether these cells have cancer or not.

But only about 10 percent of nipple fluid that indicate breast cancer in women aged 40-60 years.

If no papillomas or galactorrhea (spontaneous milk flow), then the doctor will send the fluid sample to a laboratory to examine the possibility of cancer and mammograms.

3. Sagging breasts

As you get older hormonal changes make a dense glandular tissue is replaced more gently so that it becomes more prone to sagging or slack.

If you have children or breast-feeding a greater possibility of slack, because during pregnancy the body sends signals to the brain to maintain the enlarged mammary glands, lactation after the gland will shrink back so it looks loose.

For that, find the right bra size so that each breast gets the maximum support.

Let’s not waste money by buying a cream or pill because there is no evidence to show they work well for the breast.


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