Way to Eliminate Head Lice

way to eliminate head liceWay to Eliminate Head Lice – Head lice are not deadly, but annoying because it causes severe itching. Therefore, head lice should be treated effectively to prevent it again.

If you find a child kutuan, the most prudent thing to do is check all of the house and wash all bed linen and towels with hot water.

Take a hot bath and a shampoo that will not solve the hard problems. Parents who find lice or lice eggs have to check everyone in the house, also wash all bed linens and towels in hot water.

Besides wary of the house and the neighborhood, resolve bug that landed on your head or a child by using a comb comb.

The first and most important weapon against head lice are meeting toothed comb, lice comb is often referred to as his teeth are so close together they can pick nits.

Furthermore, Stoppard explained, that you should use a plastic comb, not metal. Therefore, the plastic comb is easier to clean and less likely to snag on the hair.

Use the comb every time you wash or mengeramasi children. However, use lots of conditioner after shampoo. The use of the conditioner makes combing procedure is easy and painless (no matted hair), and ticks can be detached from the slick hair.

Stoppard warned, all combs and towels should be washed in hot water after use to avoid reinfestasi.


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